does tyre quality really matter

Does Tyre Quality Really Matter?

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Tyre Quality

It absolutely matters. We’ve seen tyres with identical tread patterns but behaved completely differently. Higher quality tires will have more grip, provide more comfort, and last longer.

Below are factors that give premium high quality tyres an edge over the rest are:

  1. Superior Braking –  Branded tyres made of premium rubber generate a lot of grip and are well connected to the surface of the road. As a result, the stopping distance is much less.
  2. Cornering Performance – A big difference is experienced during cornering. Low quality tyres don’t produce enough grip and skid off the corner. This is because their ability to stick to the road is far less as compared to premium tyres.
  3. Higher grade rubber.
  4. Better handling and overall driving performance.
  5. Increased life span –  The high quality rubber compounds and other polymers along with the cutting-edge engineering technology used in manufacturing the tyre results into longer life of the tyres.

So, choose your tyres wisely.  Talk to tyre expert now 08028284351 or submit an enquiry here

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