Tyre  Presure Drop; Causes and Solutions

Tyre Pressure Drop; Causes and Solutions

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It’s important to realise why your tyre pressure is dropping and how you can fix this problem to extend the life of your tyres whilst maximising your safety on the roads. 

Here are a few reasons why your tyre pressure can drop:

Changes in temperature

No matter what the weather is like, the change in temperature can seriously affect your tyre pressures. When the weather is cooler your tyre pressure can contract and when the weather is warmer the pressure will expand, this means your tyres can become either underinflated or overinflated.

Damage to the tyre bead

When a tyre gets older, you may notice that the tyre bead has degraded over that time. A damaged tyre bead can lead to a loss of air pressure, which is another reason why should avoid purchasing part worn tyres. 

Issues with the tyre valve

If you’re suffering from a faulty tyre valve, this can result in air escaping. This means that when you pump up your tyre, you may see it reach the correct PSI, however, over time you will notice your tyre deflating due to air escaping. 


It’s difficult to identify osmosis, however, it results in the air within the tyre exiting slowly through the rubber walls of the tyre. This isn’t a quick process, but if your tyre pressure isn’t checked for a substantial amount of time, this could also result in a lack of tyre pressure. 

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure

  • Regular tyre checks using a tyre inflator or tyre pressure gauge
  • Make sure you’re always driving safely (as you should be), at the correct speed limit and avoid any potholes
  • Check your tyres before any long journey, and inspect further for any rips, slashes, bulges etc.

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