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There are days when your car just breaks down – If you have ever experienced this, then, you can probably tell that it is rarely a great experience, especially if you are a car owner.

When your car breaks down, time, effort and energy are inevitably dispensed. Sadly, safety is sometimes compromised. In some cases, the source of the malfunction or breakdown is easy to trace but at other times, it can constitute a headache – It could be overheating, flat tires, smoking engine or another mechanical failure.

There are tips and steps that can help reduce car breakdown, reduce costly repairs and also reduce the inconveniences that come with car issues.

Tips to Prevent Car Breakdown

  • Always top up the engine oil: When it comes to keeping the car engine in a good condition, engine oil plays a major role. It prevents heat and friction from building up within the engine and ensures that all the components parts are working as expected. If a car builds up heat and friction, it will reduce or damage the ability of these components parts from functioning as expected. It can also cause cracks and holes in the engine part which will result in oil leakage. If you notice oil leakage from your car, immediately consult a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem. Always check the oil gauge every morning before starting the car.
  • Regularly take the car for servicing: Forgetting to take your car for servicing means that you are endangering your life and your car. A professional mechanic will be able to detect any problem during servicing and will be the best person to tell you what to do if they notice any fault in the car. Taking your car for regular servicing and MOT – Ministry of Transport. (It is an annual test of vehicle, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions) will prevent your car from breaking down.
  • Have a good driving habit: Driving habits will influence the state of your car and its parts. Apply the brake in a smooth manner when you are coming to a stop. Avoid hard starts and hard stops- this can damage the rotors and brake pads. When driving on a sloppy road, never apply brakes (dragging). Applying brakes while driving downhill will cause heat to build up and strains the braking system.
  • Do away with unnecessary weight: Loading cars with heavy things/items such as books, wardrobes, too many passengers, simply put, overstuffing the car will have a negative impact on the car. Each time you turn a corner, there is pressure on the car as it tries to do what you want it to do. The suspension and brakes are under pressure and the fuel economy will be drastically reduced. Ensure to always remove unnecessary heavyweight, failing to do this could result in unforeseen problems when in motion such as broken steering.
  • Pay attention to warning lights, sounds and how the car feels when in motion/driving: If you do not attend to a car problem, that won’t say the problem should go away. A small problem can become a bigger one. The moment you hear a strange sound coming from the car, take it to the garage and let the mechanic detect the issue. If you notice the warning light is on, take it to the garage as well. If a car have a problem, it will feel different when driving and this is a sign that something is wrong with the car.
  • Finally, following all the aforementioned tips will prevent cars from breaking down and will also prevent unnecessary and costlier spending on cars.

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