The random act of kindness

The Random ACT of Kindness of One Mr Akinwale. Alfa Tyre Celebrity of the week

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The act of kindness by Mr. Akinwale

The random act of kindness is defined according to as “giving your best self to others without requests or promise of return on investment. It’s simply doing something nice for someone else, without them asking and without you doing it for anything in return.”

Going by the above definition, there is restoration of hope that there are still kind people in our so called country Nigeria despite the bad image painting of Nigeria outside the shore of our Country.

Mr Akinwale(Picture above) came to our office to purchase tyres like any other customers. He requested a transfer of money after the purchase deal which he did. After the payment, He left only for us to find out that the said money bounced back due to network issue.

All efforts to trace Mr Akinwale proved abortive. As faith will have it, on receiving back the alert after few days, Mr Akinwale quickly rush back to our office to remit the said amount by cash.

We are happy as we believe there are still good people in our dear country. We celebrate you Mr. Akinwale. God bless you and your future generation. God bless Nigeria

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