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The environmental impact of tyres and how to dispose of them properly

The environmental impact of tyres is a complex issue that has been gaining increased attention in recent years.

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Tyres are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic materials, including rubber, steel, and various chemicals. These materials can have negative effects on the environment when tyres are not disposed of properly.

Release harmful chemicals and pollutants into the air and water.

One of the major environmental concerns associated with tyres is their potential to contribute to air and water pollution. When tyres are not disposed of properly, they can release harmful chemicals and pollutants into the air and water. This can have negative effects on both human health and the health of the natural environment.

Creating eyesores and potential breeding grounds for disease-carrying pests

Another concern is the accumulation of discarded tyres in landfills and other areas. When tyres are not disposed of properly, they can accumulate in large numbers, creating eyesores and potential breeding grounds for disease-carrying pests.

There are several ways to dispose of tyres properly and reduce their environmental impact. One of the most effective methods is recycling.

1.Recycled into a variety of products

tyre recycling

Tyres can be recycled into a variety of products, including rubber mulch, playground surfaces, and new tyres. This not only reduces the number of tyres in landfills, but it also reduces the need to extract new natural resources to produce new tyres.

2. Take Tyre to Collection Centres

Another option is to take your old tyres to a tyre collection event. Some municipalities and organizations organize these events where residents can bring their old tyres for proper disposal.

3. Consider reusing your old tyres

You can also consider reusing your old tyres. For example, you can use old tyres to create a raised garden bed or a swing or even for decorative furniture which is on of the latest trend in Nigeria.

Check some of the latest trends in Tyre recycling in Nigeria

recycling old tyres to home furniture
Recycling Tyre to locally made slippers
Recycling tyres to flower vast

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