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Tyres, one of the most important elements of a car, can wear out and affect the overall efficiency of your vehicle. They are a fundamental part of your car as they help you maintain the car’s stability and also provide the necessary grip for the car to operate properly.

Below, we are listing the six most important factors that affect your tyre life – and why you should always keep them in mind.

1. Tyre Pressure

According to experts, tyre pressure is the single most important thing that ensures a good lifespan out of every tyre. If done as recommended, tyres with the right pressure ensure maximum safety, fuel economy, and tyre life.

tyre pressure

2. Load

Heavy loading increases the wear and tear of your tyres. It can also be dangerous for your life and the life of your loved ones. In some occasions, overloading can result in tyre bursts or complete malfunction of a tyre.

3. Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment is something that many cars have, yet very few car owners are aware of. It has the ability to result in a rapid and uneven wear, and decrease the lifespan of any tyre. 

4. Tyre Rotation

Rotation of tyres in any vehicle is recommended for an uniform tyre tread wear on all-wheel position in order to achieve an optimal lifespan. 

5. High-Speeding

High speed driving increases temperature and wear. All of this puts additional pressure on your tyres and shortens their life. This is why car and tyre manufacturers recommend driving with normal spees in order to avoid any harmful effects to the tyres.

6. Environmental And Road Conditions

Driving on smooth roads provides the best balance for a set of new tyres. In contrast, driving your vehicle across bumps, off-road paths and through cracks will deteriorate your tyres.

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