Road Safety Rules To Teach Your Children

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Statistics show that many hundreds of kids are being injured every day due to road accidents. Being unaware of the road safety rules, inexperience and carelessness are the main reasons behind the situation.

We are always around kids during their younger years. As they grow older, we let them out to play or let them cycle to stores or friends’ houses. It is advisable to teach them road safety rules before they start going out on roads by themselves.

Here are a few road safety rules for kids that you could teach your children:

Know your Safety Signals

he first and foremost element to road safety for anyone is to know the signals.

Parents and teachers should make sure that they are aware of all the basic signals on road safety before leaving them alone.

However, don’t burden them with all the signals at first. Teach them the basic signals at first and gradually make them aware of the other signals too.

Cross the road at the Zebra Crossing

Zebra crossings are placed in places where it is safe for children as well as adults to cross the road. Teach your children to cross the road only at Zebra crossings. While doing so, they should focus on the road, look both ways to check that there are no oncoming vehicles.

Help them gauge the speed of a vehicle and make them understand that they should cross only when vehicles are a safe distance away from the Zebra crossing.

Always walk on the pavement

Pavements are meant for a reason but people tend to ride their two-wheelers on them instead of letting pedestrians walk. Teach your kids that they should always walk on the pavement, never on the road. Set an example by walking on the pavement even when the roads are empty to get your kids to practice the same.

Get off on the safer side of the car

When you stop your car, make sure you park by the footpath so that your child can get off the car on the side of the footpath. Since kids are tiny, they may not be noticed easily by other drivers and hence poses a risk for the kids. So ask your children to always get down on the side of the footpath.

Teach them to use the pedestrian crossing

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