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Looking for the largest tyres, rims and battery distributor in Ogun state, look no further trust Alfa Tyre protector Nigeria enterprises for quality assured tyres, rims and battery at affordable price. we don’t compromise our standard.

Why Buy Quality Tyres Rims and Battery from Alfa Tyre Protector Nig. Ent.

Here are some of the reasons you need to Alfa tyre Protector:

Better Customer Care: we build our reputation on high-quality products thereby playing a long term game. Our customer care is one of the key which keep us moving. Our goal is to build a brand following of die-hard fans.

Reliability: Our higher-quality products pay off big time in terms of reliability. This is especially critical as safety form our paramount key goal.

Our High-quality products bring a level of reliability that also reduces maintenance costs, down time and stress as well.

Affordability: Our products are also affordable, you wont break your pocket when buying quality Tyres, Rims and Battery from us.

Where do I buy Quality Tyres, Rims and Battery In Ogun State

Alfa Tyre Protector Nigeria Enterprises is located in Iyana Iyesi Ota, Ogun state with distribution channel across major cities in Ogun State and other states in Nigeria. You order, we deliver to your doorstep.

Tyre distributor in Ogun State Alfa Tyre Protector Nig. Ent.

You can speak to us directly on: 08028284351 call/Whatsapp

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