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Increasing the Longevity of Your Truck Tyres

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Truck tyres longevity. It is expected for truck tyres to wear and need replacement because they constantly come into direct contact with the surface of the road. Sometimes, however, tyres become worn prematurely because of culpability on the part of truck owners or operators. If you own a truck, here are a couple of pitfalls you should avoid to ensure you get the most service out of your tyres.

Incorrect load capacity

When you are fitting new tyres on your truck, you should keep in mind that it is the tyres that bear the full weight of the vehicle: That is why tyres generally come with specific load-carrying capacities to match the weight of every vehicle.

A big mistake that some truck owners often commit is to use tyres that cannot sufficiently support the weight of their vehicles. When this happens, the tyres end up being overstressed and they wear prematurely. So as to ensure that the specific load-carrying capacity of your tyres matches the weight of your truck, take the maximum weight of the vehicle when loaded and divide it by the number of tyres the vehicle travels on.

If your four-wheeled truck can support a maximum of 4.5 tonnes, then it means that you will need to buy tyres whose specific load rating is 1.125 tonnes, for example. You can read the maximum load capacity of each new tyre on the sidewalls of the tyres.

Poor driving

Just like any other vehicle, your truck is supposed to be driven as carefully as possible, especially when it is loaded. Running fast over potholes, speeding over bumps, and negotiating sharp corners at great speeds are some driving practices that may cause your truck tyres to wear out rather quickly.

Instead, you should slow down when driving over speed bumps and cornering. Also, avoid passing over potholes whenever possible. This way, your tyres won’t have to work harder than they are designed to, and there will be less denting, scratching, tread wear, etc. on your tyres.

Improper storage

How you park your truck impacts greatly on the longevity of your tyres. Make sure your tyres are not standing on a cool, dry surface that isn’t contaminated with fuel, oils, grease, etc. that may be absorbed into the rubber surface of the tyre. As a general rule, it is not a good idea to let your truck remain in one place for a very long time: doing so might cause your tyres to develop flat spots.

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