How to prevent car battery failure due to lack of use

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Long periods of non use or only short infrequent journeys can cause a battery to lose charge and fail; this is particularly an issue in the summer as a car battery will lose charge faster in warm weather.

So here’s some additional information and tips on how to prevent car battery failure due to lack of use.

  • Damage to your battery is caused by not using your vehicle or only doing short infrequent journeys so the best thing to do is to ensure that your vehicle is regularly used for journeys of over half an hour
  • Clearly at the moment this will not always be possible so consider some type of battery charger to keep your battery topped up 
  • Make regular physical checks of your car battery – look for dirty/corroded terminals, fluid leakage, swollen casing and loose or ill fitting cables
  • Always ensure that all electrical systems on the car are switched off when the vehicle is not being used

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