Exceeding speed limit

Exceeding Speed Limit

Despite this prohibition on speed, excessive speeding remains on the increase even though research findings indicate that at a speed of 100km/h, your vehicle does 28 metres per seconds. This is why I need to again remind you that road traffic crashes yearly kills 1.35 million people, meaning that an average of about 32 – 42 people are killed daily on the world’s roads while 20 million to 50 million people are injured or disabled in road collisions.

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Exceeding Speed Limit

These days, it’s common for people to be in a rush behind the wheel. We all have busy lives, so it’s easy to get a little caught up from time to time.

However, no matter how late you are, it’s important to avoid exceeding the posted speed limits. It’s more important that you actually make it to your destination than it is for you to try to be there on time. After all, speeding rarely shaves more than a minute or two off of most commutes anyway.

According to Thisday Newspaper On Issue of Speed Limit

It is because of the grave risk involved that countries the world-over, including Nigeria set and post speeds limit, because controlling vehicle speed can prevent crashes from occurring and reduce the impact with which they occur, thus lessening the severity of injuries sustained by the victim.

Speed Limit in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the maximum speed on the expressway is 100km/h for private cars and 90km/h for taxis and buses while at built up areas such as commercial and residential areas, 50km/h is the speed limit. However, a safe conscious driver is always counselled to adhere to the common sense limit by adjusting his speed to suit the environment, his mental state, vehicle condition and level of expertise.

Do people obey speed limit in Nigeria

A drive across most Nigerian roads would shock you, even at built up areas, the appropriate speed is not posted to guide motorists. Since human behavior is dictated by the structures, it is important that apart from posting speed in relevant traffic regulations, our road signs must also reflect specific speed allowed. Countries like France and the Netherlands have employed this approach and seen it work especially in France where speed was used to reduce death by 20 percent.

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