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Do I Need A Spare Tyre?

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What is Spare Tyre

A Spare tyre is an additional tyre carried in a motor vehicle as a replacement for one that goes flat or blow out. A vehicle must always have a spare tyre.

Why You Need a Spare

We all know the nature of our roads in Nigeria. There are minefield of jagged debris and potholes on average Nigeria roadway. Any one of those little nails, scraps of metal, or glass can change the course of your day in an instant.

spare tyre

Tyres are thick and somewhat puncture-resistant to smaller things, but they aren’t puncture-proof; they can still go flat. What will you do if you get a flat tyre and are out of distance for a cell phone signal?

There is no one coming to help you, and you have no spare tire. Having that spare inflated and in good shape will get you to a repair shop at a minimum and all the way home in most cases. Some vehicles come with a full-size spare that can absorb the same abuse as the other tyres. Others come with a “donut,” that little tyre that looks goofy on your car. That’s designed as an emergency spare, and to get you someplace to get a new full-size tire

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