Dangers of ignoring low fuel level indicator

Dangers of ignoring low fuel level indicator

Driving your car on low fuel could be one of the greatest disservices you could do to it.

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Driving your car on low fuel could be one of the greatest disservices you could do to it. According to a study, a rising number of drivers all over the world have cultivated the habit of ignoring their car’s warning lights before their vehicles eventually run out of fuel and break down. Below are established reasons you should desist from the damaging practice of driving your car on low fuel:

It Could Damage the Fuel Pump

Driving your car on low fuel could damage the fuel pump because over a period of time, it becomes unable to perform the primary task of pumping fuel. Ordinarily, the fuel acts as a lubricant for the fuel pump. Therefore, when your fuel runs low, you leave the pump with nothing but air to suck in. This could lead to major problems for your car. Luxury cars and expensive wheels are not immune to this problem. As such, running your car on low fuel could lead the fuel pump to gradually wear out before completely getting damaged.

Fuel Pump

Exposing You and Your Car to Danger

Driving on low fuel is not a smart thing to do especially when you can do something about it as the car may eventually run out of fuel in an unexpected location.

Your Fuel Gauge is Unreliable

Your gauge cannot be relied upon to always tell you the accurate miles you have until your tank is empty. Automobile experts have stated that the accuracy of your car’s gauge rests on your driving style as well as your car’s fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is advisable to see the fuel gauge as a conservative estimate, rather than an exact measurement of the amount of fuel in the tank. This will help you to avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. The stress that comes with being stranded in the middle of nowhere is better imagined than experienced.

You Risk Damaging Your Engine

Your fuel tank houses more than the fuel you buy from the filling station. Your tank contains as much fuel in it as well as sediments from badly refined fuel that have settled at the bottom of the tank. These sediments remain harmless to your tank as long as they remain at the bottom of the tank where they belong. However, as soon as you exhaust your normal fuel, you are inviting these sediments to mix with the low fuel to run your engine and fuel line. This could affect both the engine and the exhaust and bring your car grinding to a halt. Which would you prefer, a healthy engine or running on low fuel?

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