Common types faults you should look out for

Common type faults you should look out for

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Faulty tyres are an important issue that must be dealt with before driving. Such tyres can lead to life-threatening accidents on a busy road.

One must check the condition of his tyres regularly and abandon any journey if the tyres do not seem to be in the proper state. It is compulsory to at least check the tyres before and after the ride. If there are any visible defects, contact the distributors for their repair or replacement.

There are certain faults that one must look for while checking tyres. They are as follows:-

The factors which define the above question are as follows:-

  1. Overinflation – Over-inflated tyres don’t function properly. It becomes difficult for an inflated tyre to maintain contact with the road. Along with this, as you put more pressure on such tyres while filling them, they get damaged from inside and hence resulting in the reduction of their lifespan
  2. Underinflation – Just like overinflation, this can be pretty hazardous too. If your tyres are underinflated, you might face the following:
    • Increased probability of understeering can cause serious accidents.
    • Poor handling of the vehicle.
    • The tyres become more susceptible to wear and tear.
    • Increased chances of punctures.
  3. Cracking and bulging – This is the most common and easily visible tyre error. Cracking and bulging occur when you ride down a pothole or a curb. If your tyre is facing any of the previously discussed issues like over or under inflation, it is more prone to cracking and bulging.
    Cracking and bulging cannot be fixed or repaired. The only option available is to replace it with a new one. Cracking and bulging also depends on the quality of the tyre.
  4. Misalignment – If your tyre is worn out on one side more than the other, then your tyre is facing misalignment. This can lead to hazardous collisions and must be fixed or replaced as soon as possible as it reduces the traction and grip on the road surface.
  5. Cuts and punctures – Punctures or cuts on tyres are the result of road conditions, for example, broken glass pieces on-road or nails or sharp stones. Tyre punctures can be avoided by inflating them accurately.
  6. Emergency brake damage – One must check the condition of his tyres immediately after he has applied emergency brakes. If emergency brakes are applied at a high speed, there is a good chance of your tyre being deflated or worn out.
  7. Inconsistent tread pattern – Over time, the tyre tread pattern tends to wear out. In some cases, they wear out unevenly too. This can happen due to emergency braking or non-stop long trips.
    Once they are gone, the tyres must be replaced as soon as possible as the friction offered by such tyres won’t be comfortable at all. Also, these tyres are more prone to punctures which can be very disturbing as well as dangerous on busy roads.
  8. Tread and seat belt separation – Tread and seat belt separation is a clear sign of a defective tyre and it can be pretty dangerous to drive a vehicle with such tyre. This error can be easily visible to the human eye. One should change his tyres as soon as they are detected.
  9. Tyres unsuitable for your vehicle – This is not any tyre error but one should definitely check out for incompatible tyres. To the normal human eye, every tyre may look similar, but every vehicle has its own wheel size and suggested measurement for it’s tyres.

Incompatible tyres pose hazardous risks on the road and should always be avoided. Buy Quality Tyres from Alfa Tyre Protector Nigeria Ent.

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