Difference between tubeless and tube-type tyres

A tube-type tyre comes with a an inflatable tube placed on the inside. The air in this tube doubles up as a cushion and makes for a smooth and comfortable riding experience even on an undulated tarmac.The tube balances the load of the car and improves dynamic stability. A tubeless tyre, on the other hand, does not require a separate air tube inside it. The rim of the wheel and the tire form an airtight seal. The rate of deflation of these tyres is less as compared to the ones with tube. Tubeless tyres weigh less, thus reducing un-sprung weight of the vehicle. This improves the performance of the vehicle by improving the maneuverability and handling. These tyres make use of continuous rib moldings which are integrated in to the beads of the tyre, thus sealing the tyre pressure.

Difference between tubeless and tube-type tyres A tube-type tyre comes with a an inflatable tube placed on the inside. The air  in this tube doubles up as a cushion and makes for a smooth and comfortable riding experience even on an undulated tarmac.The tube balances the load of the car and improves dynamic stability. A tubeless tyre, on the other […]

Diagnosing Parasitic Drain on Your Car Battery

Parasitic Drain on Your Car Battery

What is Parasitic Drain? Parasitic drain on your battery is essentially when your car’s electrical system continues to pull energy from the battery, even when the vehicle is entirely turned off. This is not the situation that occurs when you leave your headlights on or don’t entirely close the door, and the light stays on […]

Why Use Nitrogen In Your Car Tyre

Nitrogen in tyre

Nitrogen tyre inflation is becoming common practice. Using nitrogen rather than air has advantages and disadvantages. This is not a new idea. The benefits of nitrogen in tyres has been hotly debated ever since the inert gas floated across from the high-performance arena and into the tyres of your everyday, commuter vehicle. Why is nitrogen used in […]

Spoke Or Alloy Wheels? Which One Is Better?

Spoked motorcycle wheels were the first ones to reign over the two-wheel market. It was in the 1970s that single-piece cast aluminum and alloy wheels were introduced and its popularity hit in the automotive sector. Even though alloy wheels were popular, manufacturers preferred using the spoked wheels. Why? Read further to know its advantages and […]

3 Upcoming Trends In The Tyre Industry

3 Upcoming Trends In The Tyre Industry

3 Upcoming Trends In The Tyre Industry Like any other industry, the increasing customer expectations, a strong wave of competitors and the continuous emergence of new technology have led the tyre manufacturers to rethink business models and assimilate new manufacturing methods. Some of the intriguing trends in the tyre industry prove how tyre manufacturers are […]


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Alfa Tyre Protector is modernizing its brand in response to changing consumer needs and in order to become more secure and attractive in the company’s strategic growth areas. The promise of peace of mind and safety in all conditions is at the core of Alfa Tyre Protector ‘s operations.As the Nigeria’s best tyre seller, the company’s […]

4 Signs That Your Tire Rim Is Bent – And Needs To Be Replaced

signs that your rim is bent

Your tyres and wheels are the unsung heroes of your car. They’re “where the rubber meets the road” – literally. When it comes to used car maintenance and repair, your wheels and tyres may not be the first thing that you think about. However, a bent or damaged wheel can be very dangerous, and expensive. […]


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Tyre sealants are a handy way to keep a tyre running when it has picked up a puncture. However, they are not fool-proof – and there are some good reasons why you might not want your tyre to run ‘as normal’ if it has been significantly damaged. With a few different options to choose from, […]

Happy 60th Independence Nigerian

happy 60th independence

Let every patriot be honored;Don’t let politics get in the way.Without them, freedom would have died;What they did, we can’t repay.Together we can move Nigeria forward. We do our part as we deal in quality guaranteed products. The safety of Nigerian on the Wheel is our utmost priority. Thousands died yearly on road accidents due […]


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Brake pads are a key component of any road vehicle’s braking system. They’re fitted within the brake calliper and lightly hover over the brake disc of all four wheels. As pressure is put on the brake pedal, fluid in the calliper begins to push the pads against each side of the disc to slow the wheels and […]


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At Alfa Tyre protector, there is a huge range of tyres that are available for every car and this often makes the task of choosing the right tyres a confusing business. Here are the top reasons to choose Alfa Tyre Save money on fuel Premium tyres tend to have a much better fuel efficiency rating […]

Your Vehicle’s brake and how it works

Brakes are undoubtedly one of your car’s most crucial safety systems. Featuring an array of different components all working together, they help you manoeuvre, slow and stop your vehicle in a safe and controlled way. But how exactly do these systems work? The Basics The brakes in your car may be more complicated that you […]