Tokunbo tyres

Can I Go For Tokunbo Tyres?

Tokunbo Tyres? Is it safe? Can i go for it and is it safe for my vehicle?

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What is Tokunbo Tyres?

it can be referred to as a used tyre. This type of tire is exactly the one that is partially worn out because it was used by somebody.

Usually, tyre failure occurs due to the combination of stress and heat, low pressure, an injury to the tyre through nails and other sharp objects, among others. Many of the road crashes are as a result of burst tyres unlike new tires that are safer and more durable.

Tyres were manufactured with chemicals that expire after a period of time and when it expires, it’s prone to being punctured easily by sharp objects on the road.

Is it safe to use Tokunbo tyres?

“Fairly used tyres popularly called tokunbo tyres are cheaper, but you cannot use them for more than six months without them being expired and worn out, new tyres may be more expensive but are safer, safety must never be compromised.

tokunbo tyres
tokunbo tyres

At Alfa Tyre protector Nigeria Enterprises, safety in a vehicle is a feature that we always advise all car owners and drivers to pay good attention to first. Even if not for you, do it for your loved ones that might be traveling with you in that your vehicle at any time. And if you are a public paid bus driver, you should know how important the safety of all your passenger and your vehicle itself is especially for your transport business and your reputation.

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