4 easy ways to reduce tyre wears

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4 easy ways to reduce tyre wears

Change is inevitable. Traffic lights turn red, gas tanks go empty, and even the best tyres eventually need replacing. While tyre wear is perfectly natural, you can help extend the life of your tyres with these four handy tips.

To help stop tyre wear in its tracks:

1. Adjust your driving habits.

You can’t avoid all tyre wear, but you can avoid driving behaviors that tend to trigger it. For instance, taking curves too fast can wear the edges of your front tyres. Hitting a pothole can create tyre leaks and wear, and even mess with your wheel alignment. Take care to avoid speeding over puddles that could be hiding deep potholes. If possible, avoid them altogether. Psst! Get started with these everyday tips for avoiding pothole damage.

2. Monitor and maintain proper tyre pressure.

Check your tyre pressure every other time you fill up with gas, or at a minimum, once a month. When properly inflated, your tyres can evenly distribute force from your vehicle to the road. When either under- or overinflated though, your tyres can’t make proper contact with the road. Check out the graphic below to see what we mean. When a tyre is underinflated, more of its surface area comes in contact with the road. When overinflated, less of the tyre’s surface area comes in contact with the road.

Both situations can cause premature, uneven tyre wear and lead to reduced gas mileage and tyre lifespan.

3. Rotate your tyres regularly.

General wisdom says to rotate your tyres each time you get an oil change. Both services keep your car running smoothly and help you avoid big trouble down the road—like a nasty flat on the highway or a sludgy engine!

tyre rotation is exactly what it sounds like: the tyres are swapped positions to help them wear more evenly (and therefore more slowly). Your front tyres experience more stress when driving, since they are the ones that are primarily responsible for steering and turning the car. A tyre rotation makes sure each tyre gets a chance to ride in the front.

4. Invest in routine wheel alignment.

Have your alignment checked at the same time you have your tyres rotated. Proper wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability. It helps your tyres last longer, your vehicle drive smoother, and ultimately keep your wheels pointed in the right direction. If you suspect your alignment might be off—or it’s just been a while since you had the alignment checked out (hey, we know life gets busy!)—have one of our experienced technicians take a look.

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