10 road safety tips for Ramadan

10 road safety tips for Ramadan

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10 road safety tips for Ramadan

Stay safe on the road during the Holy Month with these helpful pointers. We say it every Ramadan – to be extra careful on the roads during the Holy Month as there usually is an increase in accidents – but in spite of the many safety campaigns and a host of useful tips on trying to improve road safety by the Police and the Road Safety, it seems to fall on deaf ears.

Fasting is extremely beneficial for the body and most who do it feel they have more energy during the month of Ramadan and feel sharper mentally too – but it appears the problems on the road arise when people, fasting or not, speed in their vehicles and drive dangerously.

Here are 10 tips which we encourage drivers to follow to try and improve road safety:

  1. Keep at least a two car length between you and the vehicle ahead of you
  2. Do not tailgate
  3. Do not drive over the speed limit
  4. Expect the unexpected
  5. Avoid rushing home close to Iftar time by planning your schedule properly
  6. Make sure you use your headlights in the evening/dawn
  7. Always try to drive defensively
  8. Try to be courteous and give way to other drivers
  9. Always wear your seat belt
  10. Try to use public transport if you can

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